Faraz Hasan Malik

Faraz Malik is the founder of Arabic Daily, the first High School accredited program for teaching Classical Arabic. Faraz holds a MA in Religious Studies from the Hartford Seminary and taught at Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan. He received Superior (fluency) in Arabic from ACTFL. He is currently in his last year of his Alimiyyah degree at Qalam Seminary and is completing his Masters in Mental Health Counseling at UAB. As of recent, Faraz lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and daughter.

Mohammed Arif

Mohammed Arif completed his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering and MBA from California State University. He started to learn Arabic from various scholars and institutes, from early 2000’s. He completed Arabic Level 1, 2, and 3 from Institute of Knowledge, CA and received an Arabic Certificate from Bayyinah Institute, TX. In addition he completed Madinah Arabic Books (1 & 2) from scholars in Los Angeles, CA