We are a team of educators — scholars & educational experts — working together to create the best learning experience.

Arabic Daily began in 2016 after Faraz returned from Amman, Jordan. Faraz began teaching Arabic to a few students in his spare time. As time went along he wrote an action oriented workbook provided to the Arabic Daily students during online instruction. Over the past three years this method has now been taught to over 500 students. While our specialty will always be to teach to communities, we now offer classes to high school students for accreditation.

And there you have Arabic Daily — unique, modern, online education of classical Arabic. We strive to make teaching meaningful and personal. We believe in supporting local education and and we also believe students deserve only the best quality education.

Classical Arabic provides access to a myriad of sciences – poetry, biographies, calligraphy, Arab culture, etc. In addition, classical Arabic provides the fundamental elements of grammar that has helped many students studying Modern Standard Arabic.

Arabic Daily strives on four elements: 1) Accessibility in live classes paired with recordings. 2) In-house material creation from writing our text to creating the curriculum to providing a dynamic student portal. 3) Following protocols set forward by accreditation standards to ensure students receive a consistently high quality learning experience. 4) Focusing on blending compassion and patience by going at a pace where students feel comfortable and nurtured while instilling a love for learning classical Arabic.


Our purpose is to make Classical Arabic accessible to students to spark their love and interest for the genres that lie ahead.