Since Arabic Daily is an online school the security plan is focused on cybersecurity issues. There are several ways the School has created and implemented a proactive security plan to ensure a safe online learning environment you can trust.

First, the school website is a secure environment maintained with appropriate security updates as monitored by proactive IT protocols. On a monthly basis, the website will go off-line (during non-class times) for routine maintenance and any necessary updates.

A message about web maintenance will be posted in advance in the Student Dashboard and School Portal to keep everyone informed. The IT department will do its best to ensure minimal impact to classes but based on the everchanging cyber world, if there are issues that need to be handled off the schedule, the School will err on the side of caution and go off-line for the time necessary to ensure web security.

Second, all student records are housed in secure cloud storage platform. Student records are all-inclusive of grades and feedback given by instructors, IEP/special access paperwork, and any investigations (grievance/academic integrity) are under the purview of the Executive Director or designee.

If there is a cyber breach that impacts the School website/portal and/or student records, within 24 hours emails will be sent to all previous and current students via the last email address on file.

The School recommends that staff and students do not share their login/password information with anyone in order to minimize an individual breach.

If a student determines that their login is no longer secure they can send an email to the Help Desk to have it reset. Students will need to provide answers to security questions previously set up in order to reset their login/password to regain access to the School portal.

The School monitors natural disasters that could impact classes, instructors, and student access so a message will be posted in the Student Dashboard and School Portal. While Arabic Daily’s main purpose is to provide language learning, we respect and hope everyone can stay safe. If you are in a region experiencing a natural disaster the instructors will be informed to be flexible on deadlines in case students are not able to get online or attend the live classes. Students are always encouraged to be proactive to communicate with their instructors about missing a class if they have access to the internet.