Courses Offered2021-11-23T06:25:38-04:00

We offer 6 courses. A students begins course one already knowing the letters and vowels. After 6 semesters the student will have learned the fundamentals of Arabic and have read over 300 pages of classical Arabic before graduating.


Will I become fluent?2021-11-29T10:41:33-04:00

Arabic Daily focuses on a student’s ability to read and translate. By the end of the courses a student will have read over 500 pages of Classical works and be able to translate fluently. A student will be able to translate other classical works, the Quran, hadith and have some research experience.

Which class will I start out with?2021-11-16T14:09:31-04:00

Regardless of how much experience a student has, we recommend everyone start with FCA 100.
If you feel like you have enough experience to skip the FCA series and want to jump straight into the RCA series, then make an appointment with us on the bottom right or send us an email

Are there assignments?2021-11-16T13:52:25-04:00

Yes. One can expect 1-2 hours of work per week.
The answers will be reviewed in class.

How often are the courses? What time is the class?2021-11-15T16:41:40-04:00

One live class every Sunday 4:30-6 pm EST
One pre-recorded class every week

What do I have to know?2021-11-16T14:05:07-04:00

Just the Arabic letters and vowels. Proper tajwīd is not a requirement.

How much is the course?2021-09-18T09:53:27-04:00


Do you provide recordings?2021-11-16T13:59:39-04:00

Yes. All of our classes are live. The expectation of the student is to attend all the classes. However, if for some reason the student is unable to make it, they will have access to recordings.

How long is the semester?2021-11-16T14:00:15-04:00

The semester will run from January 9 – April 3, 2022

Is there a placement test?2021-11-16T14:04:54-04:00

Generally, no. As long as the student knows the letters and vowels that will be enough to take the class.

Winter 2022 Course

FCA 100 Winter 2022 – Adult

From: $100.00

FCA 100 – Fundamental Classical Arabic: Words

In this course students learn the three parts of speech (nouns, verbs and prepositions) along with conjugation of verbs and the different states of words (raf, nasb, jarr).

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Arabic vowels and letters

$100.00 / month for 3 months


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