How does Qur'anic Arabic work?

We have two courses, a morphology and syntax course. You buy the course and then we will send you a book in the mail the following week. Each course has a time-limit of 6 months (most can finish within 3 months). In addition, we give you a calendar schedule which helps you pace throughout the course. Generally we limit studying to 30 minutes a day so motivation levels don’t fall low. Once you have all your materials, you go into the course and click on the following video lesson and take notes within the book. You will be given assignments, which are all in the book. Subsequently answer videos are provided to go over any questions. At the end of the course you will be given a certificate.

Is there a way to ask questions?

Yes, below each video lesson there is a discussion forum. Responses are usually given within a day.

Are the courses self-study?

Yes, all of our courses are self-study. Any questions regarding a video or assignments can be commented below it, and we will then shortly respond.

Is there a deadline to complete each course?

Yes, each course is 6 months long. If one does not finish within this time you can buy a monthly subscription afterwards.

Do I have to submit homework?

Yes and no. You must complete the assignments, but you do not have to submit them. Once you complete an assignment, a solution video will become available to correct any mistakes.

Are there live sessions?

No, all of our videos are pre-recorded.

Does the course come with a workbook?

Yes, once you purchase the course we will send you the workbook in the mail.

What if I miss a day of studying or completing an assignment?

No problem! You can simply make it up the following day. However, we highly suggest not to delay assignments as it will disrupt the consistency.

Is Arabic Daily accredited?

We are not as of now, but we are currently working on becoming accredited in the near future.