In-house material

We create our own exercises, books, and lessons to ensure that our students succeed. This allows us to be flexible for each batch of students.

Synchronous Class Meetings

All class sessions are Live (synchronous) and are recorded for repetition of lessons.

Student-Instructor Interaction

Classes are held multiple time during the week. Students use class time to interact with the text, lesson, and each other in developing language skills and getting questions answered. There are also opportunities for tutoring where the students can get additional help beyond the classroom.


We use technology in several ways to deliver a positive learning experience. The proprietary school portal allows students to access the classroom, orientation, and tutoring. Synchronous classes are held using video technology and uploaded for students to refer to in-between classes to reinforce concepts. Instructor-Student communication takes place via email and a free messenger app that can be downloaded to any mobile device.

Proprietary Action-oriented Text

Arabic Daily publishes its own workbooks. A workbook is an outlined book with charts and graphs in which a student can take notes. This way the student has one book they can refer to for all the exercises and notes. Many times a teacher teaching someone else’s book can result in many errors.

Teaching and Coaching

Learning Arabic is similar to having a fitness coach. You need someone who not only has knowledge but can also push you to the finish line. Each class you are taught by Ustadh Faraz or an instructor who was trained via the Arabic Daily methods. These repeated interactions the instructors to track your progress and push you to achieve your goals. You are not only gaining a teacher, but a coach as well.

Synchronous Video Class Sessions

Our live courses are through Zoom, and Recorded Synchronous Class Sessions will be available via your Student Dashboard.

Constant email communication with your instructor, and with an engaging Student Portal supported by a proactive Help Desk staff will help you achieve success.

Learning directly with our instructors

There are institutes that will charge thousands of dollars to learn Arabic and market it through a scholar of Arabic. But when you start their course, you spend most of your time with a TA, not the expert. At Arabic Daily you are taught directly by the teacher.