Where Arabic Daily Stands

Arabic Daily is at a critical point in changing the educational landscape of Classical Arabic. By inserting us into public education, students interested in learning Classical (Quranic) Arabic can use our classes as foreign language credit that will directly impact their GPA. This Summer is crucial as we are preparing to have our first inaugurating class start Fall 2021. In order for this to be accomplished Arabic Daily has set out a few goals:

  1. Become accredited – Arabic Daily is in the last stages of accreditation with Cognia. Arabic Daily is current a Candidate for Accreditation.
  2. Marketing – Because this is a novel approach, getting the word out by educating parents and students is crucial.
  3. Developing relationships with High Schools – Arabic Daily is consistently having meetings with High Schools ensuring that their students can use our course.
  4. Publishing and printing our own books – This maintains a high quality program.

What Arabic Daily Is Seeking

Arabic Daily is seeking investors who believe in our vision and want to contribute in this endeavor while also earning ROI.

What are the details regarding investing?

Investment opportunities open July 1

Minimum investment is $10k

If you are interested please fill the form out below. We will then contact you.