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High School Accredited Classical Arabic

How many semesters are there?2021-11-16T14:40:18-04:00

We offer 6 courses. A students begins course one already knowing the letters and vowels. After 6 semesters the student will have learned the fundamentals of Arabic and have read over 300 pages of classical Arabic before graduating.

Will I become fluent?2021-11-29T10:41:33-04:00

Arabic Daily focuses on a student’s ability to read and translate. By the end of the courses a student will have read over 500 pages of Classical works and be able to translate fluently. A student will be able to translate other classical works, the Quran, hadith and have some research experience.

How much is the course?2021-11-16T14:01:37-04:00


Are there assignments?2021-11-16T13:52:25-04:00

Yes. One can expect 1-2 hours of work per week.
The answers will be reviewed in class.

What do I have to know?2021-11-16T14:05:07-04:00

Just the Arabic letters and vowels. Proper tajwīd is not a requirement.

Do you provide recordings?2021-11-16T13:59:39-04:00

Yes. All of our classes are live. The expectation of the student is to attend all the classes. However, if for some reason the student is unable to make it, they will have access to recordings.

Can homeschooled students take this course for credit?2021-11-16T13:58:45-04:00

Yes. Every state has different laws. You can find more information here:

Can a high school student take the course without it transferring?2021-09-18T09:51:40-04:00


How do I know if my school will take credit?2021-11-16T14:06:50-04:00

We are officially accredited through Cognia which accredits many schools in the United States and abroad. Every school has different policies. To find out if your school will take it please speak to your counselor as soon as possible.

For those who live in the state of Ohio, Ohio has a law called Credit Flex. You can go to your school and ask to fill out a credit flex form.

How much emphasis is on speech?2021-11-16T14:00:51-04:00

The emphasis is on reading, understanding, and translating. There will be some speaking components.

How long is the semester?2021-11-16T14:00:15-04:00

The semester will run from January 9 – April 3, 2022

Is Arabic Daily accredited.2021-11-16T14:04:43-04:00

Arabic Daily is accredited by:

North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)

Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).


We expect to be accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) January 2022.

Is there a placement test?2021-11-16T14:04:54-04:00

Generally, no. As long as the student knows the letters and vowels that will be enough to take the class.

How often is the course and what is the schedule?2021-11-16T14:04:30-04:00

The course is 3 times/week.

2 lectures and one homework review session.

The class will be Su: 3-4:30 pm EST Thu: 6:30-8 pm EST

We understand that this schedule may not work for some. We can work with you in terms of recording to ensure they still get the information.


FCA 100 Winter 2022 – High School Accredited

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FCA 100 – Fundamental Classical Arabic: Words

Arabic Daily has recently been accredited by Cognia. During this time Arabic Daily has been in touch with high schools nationwide. The goal is for high schools to accept our courses as foreign language credit that will transfer directly to their school alongside the grade they get in class.

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