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For High Schoolers who want to Integrate Classical Arabic into their education

Summer Intensive FCA 100 (Level 1)

Starts in September

Equivalent to one semester of high school foreign language


Schedule will be determined by student’s availabilities

2 – 3 times a week

Arabic Daily is accredited by Cognia Advanced Education and WASC. Becoming accredited ensures that our quality of education is on par with some of the best educational institutions nationwide.


Learn Classical Arabic and fulfill high school foreign language credit

From The Desk Of Faraz Malik

Founder & CEO of Arabic Daily

The vast majority of high schools require 2 years of a foreign language.

For some of you…only Spanish and another language is offered.

For several of you…Arabic is offered but it focuses on Modern Standard Arabic.

For others of you…you are looking for a language course that gives you the skillsets to understand Classical Arabic texts.

Students all around the United States and abroad have this desire and have been looking for a solution. Arabic Daily solves this.

Arabic Daily is the ONLY High School Accredited program dedicated to teach Classical Arabic. You’ll be so mesmerized, that even if you’re learning Arabic for the first time, you will have the tools to dive deeper into the language to unravel all of its mysteries.


  • You have a high schooler who is trying to learn Arabic for the first time, and they’ve struggled and couldn’t find a simple proven program that WORKS

  • They know SOME Arabic (letters and vowels) and would like to increase their knowledge and mastery of the language

  • Your school does not offer Classical Arabic and you want to fulfill your foreign language credit doing so.

  • You want to develop a direct relationship with texts instead of relying on OTHERS to explain what is being said

If you said “YES” to any of the above, then I want to invite you to join our UNIQUE program dedicated to teaching high schoolers Classical Arabic


Here’s how the program works…

This is a Classical Arabic course dedicated for high school students. Students come from public and private schools while some are homeschooled. Every school requires foreign language credit, yet few offer Arabic as an option. As an accredited institute, Arabic Daily works with parents and schools to transfer credits over to fulfill this foreign language credit. Each school has different policies. It is important that you speak to your counselor as soon as possible to ensure credits can be transferred.

With real and experienced instructors, it is not YOU who has to conform to the curriculum, but the curriculum that conforms to YOU! All learning sessions are delivered with a live instructor where you can ask questions and get the support you need to succeed. All classes are live with recordings available for review or excused absences. Live attendance is essential for a student’s success.

Have access to an EXCLUSIVE ArabicDaily telegram group, alongside other learners who are supporting you, motivating you and pushing you to succeed. You will be able to ask questions and receive responses and voice notes from your instructors directly!

You will be shipped a specialized workbook where you can save your notes, complete with exercises to apply the teachings and practice!

Learning should always be fun and engaging.Take advantage of quizzes to test your knowledge and retain all the concepts you’ve learned for LIFE!

When You Join, You Get All Of THIS…

  • High School Accredited Classical Arabic Course FULL Program (Live Sessions, Review Sessions, QnA)

  • Live Instructor Support Throughout The ENTIRE Program

  • Exclusive “Members Only” ArabicDaily Telegram Support Group

  • Specialized ArabicDaily Workbook w/ Learning Assignments

  • Personalized “Test Your Knowledge” Quizzes

  • Full credits transferred with grades pending approval from school

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access To Recordings & Material

Nuh, California (Homeschool)

This Arabic course is the best Arabic course you will ever take.

Is This The Chance where you finally learn Arabic?

Many of those who aspire to learn Arabic don’t end up taking action because of the following reasons:

-They are unable to recite with proper tajweed so how could they possibly learn Arabic?

We are able to help even the most basic of learners even if you don’t know ANY Arabic words or tajweed (all you need to know is the alphabet).

-Their schedule is full

We completely understand that many students don’t have the time to invest hours everyday into their learning. This is why we structured our course to be an easy and simple program anyone can follow and benefit from, without sacrificing any of the quality. We always find a way to fit the busy schedule of a highschool student.

-Learning online is not as effective as in-person

At ArabicDaily, we have taught hundreds of students online. The vast majority of “online” classes are pre-recordings which students watch at their own time. This method is unsuccessful at teaching students Arabic. Here, we only have live classes where the instructor meets and interacts with the students. This also allows the student to meet with others around the nation.

-They don’t know any Arabic words or vocabulary…

Thanks to this course, you will be able to go from knowing no Arabic words or vocabulary to having all of the tools necessary to independently understand Arabic at your disposal.


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Your Instructor : Faraz Malik

Faraz Malik is the founder of Arabic Daily, the first High School accredited program for teaching Classical Arabic.

Faraz graduated from The Ohio State University and continued his studies abroad in Amman, Jordan, where he taught Arabic at the Qasid Arabic Institute and obtained diplomas in traditional Islamic Studies. He has a Superior rating from ACTFL. He obtained a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Hartford Seminary, completed his ʿĀlimiyyah Program at the Qalam Seminary, and is completing his master’s degree in mental health counseling.

ArabicDaily Is An Accredited Learning Institute

Arabic Daily is accredited by Cognia Advanced Education and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Becoming accredited ensures to students that our quality of education is on par with some of the best educational institutions nationwide. Obtaining certification is just another testament to the outstanding work that our staff and faculty have provided to the wonderful families that we serve.

If they can do it, why not you?

Rahma, Boston (Online High School)

This class really helped me understand the way that Arabic works and the grammar rules of it.

Abdullah, Indiana (Public School)

Arabic daily is a really good course especially since it is accredited.

Ibraheem (Private School)

This course was beneficial and very flexible. The pace is well-set and the teachers are very kind. Overall, a wonderful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many semesters are there?2021-11-16T14:40:18-05:00

We offer 6 courses. A students begins course one already knowing the letters and vowels. After 6 semesters the student will have learned the fundamentals of Arabic and have read over 300 pages of classical Arabic before graduating.

What is your refund policy?2023-04-11T14:24:40-05:00

There is no refund. Students must go in with the intention of completing the program. If the intention to complete is not fully established then the likelihood of completing the program decreases.

If you choose a payment plan, the payment plan must be completed. It is not a subscription, but rather installments to complete the full payment.

Will Arabic Daily’s program work with my homeschooling curriculum?2023-03-16T09:48:55-05:00

For parents in the United States, please look at your state laws here. If your state laws are relaxed, chances are that it will be a very easy process.
States that have little to no regulation are: Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Alaska, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

For parents outside of the United States, please click here to learn more.

Can my child skip a level if they have studied Arabic before?2023-03-16T09:58:56-05:00

Unfortunately, no. In our experience after teaching hundreds of high school students, every student will learn something new in the first level. For some there may be some review, but we encourage that. We build the students up from the ground level to ensure that their Arabic knowledge is sound. If a student skips a level, they are at risk of having large gaps in their knowledge. We have had native speakers, huffadh, and others all start from the beginning, but everyone has found it to be the correct decision.

Parents that have their child enrolled in Ohio public or private schools.2023-03-16T09:53:08-05:00

Ohio has a law known as Credit Flex. This education option gives students a way to be in charge of their learning. For some students, they see more value in school (“Why do I have to learn this?”) when they can connect learning with real world situations and future jobs. Credit flexibility is one way to increase a student’s interest in school and motivation to learn.

The key to this option is that the student drives the request as well as the plan to earn the credit. A specific interest or credit need of the student should be the basis for the request and the family and school should start by listening to the student. Educators and families may also work with students to initiate the plan for credit flexibility.

For more information click here and ask your school about this option. Keep in mind Arabic Daily is accredited through Cognia, which is information the school may want to know.

How much is the course?2022-07-16T08:21:16-05:00


One can also do a payment plan for $250 per month for three months.

We are offering an Early Bird Special before August 1st for $500.

Are there assignments?2023-04-11T14:26:59-05:00

Yes. One can expect 1 hour of work per class. Assignments will be turned in. If you are a student who is keeping up through recordings, assignments must still be turned in on time.

Assignments are graded for completing. The answers will be reviewed in class. At the end of each semester, there will be a take home review.

What do the students have to know?2023-04-11T14:32:22-05:00

Just the Arabic letters and vowels. Proper tajwīd is not a requirement. However, it is recommended that a student has a little bit of experience with the language.

Do you provide recordings?2023-04-11T14:29:24-05:00

Yes. All of our classes are live. The expectation of the student is to attend all the classes. However, if for some reason the student is unable to make it, they will have access to recordings.

Many students want to attend but their schedule doesn’t allow them to attend live. We will accept those students as well, however, it not a self-paced course. You must keep up with the recordings and turn in assignments on time.

Can homeschooled students take this course for credit?2021-11-16T13:58:45-05:00

Yes. Every state has different laws. You can find more information here: https://hslda.org/legal

Can a high school student take the course without it transferring?2021-09-18T09:51:40-05:00


How do I know if my school will take credit?2022-04-21T23:15:39-05:00

We are officially accredited through Cognia and WASC. Many schools will only work with accredited schools.

Every school has different policies. To find out if your school will take it please speak to your counselor as soon as possible.

How much emphasis is on speech?2022-01-31T13:46:57-05:00

The emphasis is on reading, understanding, and translating. There will be some speaking components.

Is Arabic Daily accredited.2022-04-19T10:31:12-05:00

Arabic Daily is accredited by:

North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)

Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Is there a placement test?2023-04-11T14:29:28-05:00

Generally, no. As long as the student knows the letters and vowels that will be enough to take the class.

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