Quranic Arabic Bundle

This bundle includes both the Quranic Arabic Part One and the Quranic Arabic Part Two courses. You’ll have access to both courses for one full year.

Bundled Courses

Morphology (Sarf)

Part One

For a student who already knows letters, words, and vowels

Become familiar with Arabic texts, identify different types of words, become familiar with verbs, learn pronouns and their different types, conjugate verbs, learn the 10 Forms, and learn how to use an Arabic-English dictionary.

Syntax (Nahwu)

Part Two

For a student who already knows morphology. Pre-requsite is Course One

Understand why words have different states, create Basic Sentences, understand the building blocks of sentences, dissect sentences from Hadith and Qur’an, understand how sentences interact with one another

Bundled Price: $400