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Learn Quranic Arabic In 30 days

Learn Quranic Arabic
In 30 days

EVEN IF you are starting from scratch and have never taken an Arabic class before.

Regular Price: $997

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Sundays-Thursdays | Begins Wednesday March 22
Live Zoom Classes
Recordings Available for the entire year!
4.30 pm EST (NY) | 1.30 PM PST | 9.30 PM UK





  • You are trying to learn Arabic for the first time, and you’ve struggled and couldn’t find a simple proven program that WORKS

  • You know SOME Arabic and would like to increase your knowledge and mastery of the language

  • You would like to REVIW & DEEPEN your understanding of the Qur’an this Ramadan

  • You want to develop a direct relationship with Allah through his book instead of relying on OTHERS

  • You need a consistent program that motivates you even when you don’t want to keep studying.


  • Have to Know Tajweed – this course is focused on understanding what the Quran is saying

  • Have to Know Arabic Vocabulary – these are skills you can learn without vocabulary knowledge

  • Have to leave your Job – many of our students have full-time jobs

  • Have to be Young – We have had students as old as 77 years old

  • Need 4 hours a Day – 30 minutes of studying per day is enough

  • Need to Worry – Our job is to make Arabic easy accessible :)

30 Day Ramadan Curriculum

Every day you will learn a unique skillset and apply it to the following Juz/Para.
We teach you how to access resources so that you can become an independent learner.

Wednesday (March 22) – Signs of a Noun Part One | Juzʾ 1

Thursday (March 23) – Signs of a Noun Part Two | Juzʾ 2

Sunday (March 26) – Signs of a Verb | Juzʾ 3

Monday (March 27) – Pronouns | Juzʾ 4

Tuesday (March 28) – Pronouns Part Two | Juzʾ 5

Wednesday (March 29) – Review Part One | Juzʾ 6 & 7

Thursday (March 30) Review Part Two – Juz’ 6 & 7

Sunday (April 2) – Conjugations Part One | Juzʾ 8

Monday (April 3) – Conjugations Part Two | Juzʾ 9

Tuesday (April 4) – Six Abwāb | Juzʾ 10

Wednesday (April 5) – Alifs and Hamzas | Juzʾ 11

Thursday (April 6) – Commands | Juz’ 12

Friday & Saturday (April 7&8) – Review | Juzʾ 13, & 14

Sunday (April 9) – I’raab of Verbs Part One | Juzʾ 15

Monday (April 10) – I’raab of Vebrs Part Two | Juzʾ 16

Tuesday (April 11) – I’raab of Nouns – Raf’ and Jarr | Juzʾ 17

Wednesday (April 12) – Nominal Sentences | Juzʾ 18

Thursday (April 13&14) – Nominal Sentences | Juzʾ 19

Sunday (April 15) – Doer | Juzʾ 22

Monday (April 16) – Kana | Juzʾ 23

Tuesday (April 17) – Inna | Juzʾ 24

Wednesday (April 18) – Mansubat | Juzʾ 25

Thursday (April 19) – Direct object | Juzʾ 26

During the last days you will review all the concepts through Juz’ 27 – 30

When You Join Today, You Get All Of THIS…

  • 30-Day Ramadan Arabic Crash Course FULL Program (Live Sessions, Review Sessions & QnA)

  • Live Instructor Support Throughout The ENTIRE Program

  • Exclusive “Members Only” Arabic Daily Telegram Support Group

  • Specialized Arabic Daily Workbook w/ Learning Assignments

  • Personalized “Test Your Knowledge” Quizzes

  • BONUS: One Year Access To Recordings & Material
  • BONUS: Online Arabic Vocabulary Bank

  • BONUS: Program Completion Certificate From Arabic Daily

Your Instructor : Faraz Malik

Growing up I didn’t start speaking until I was 5 years old.

My family was concerned and took me to multiple speech therapists. As a result, I grew up struggling to speak English, my first language. No one ever thought I would be able to speak and understand multiple languages, let alone English.

How did someone like me reach fluency in Arabic?

I realized that my approach in understanding languages was all wrong. I couldn’t just pick up the language by listening and practicing it. I needed a clear and concise methodology. I needed to go at a reasonable pace. And I needed to maintain my level of motivation.

Now I want to share that journey with you.

My goal is to help remove the stigma from Arabic being an intimidating and difficult language.

If I could do it, so can you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes recorded or live?2023-01-14T15:01:39-05:00

There will be 30 minute classes every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:30-5 pm EST (New York)

In addition, there will be a 30 minute Q&A session before class from 4-4:30 pm EST (New York)

You can find other time zones here

Each of these classes will be recorded and available right after class.

How is the syllabus structured?2022-01-31T13:37:59-05:00

There will be 20 total lessons covering 20 topics.

Every Friday and Saturday is meant for review/

Every day there will be a short exercise from the following juz. (There are 30 juz in the Quran)

The goal is as you recite the Quran throughout the month you will be applying the concept in that particular juz.

Day 1 (Signs of a noun) – Juz 1 exercise

Day 2 (Signs of a noun) – juz 2 exercise

Day 3 (Signs of a verb) – Juz 3 exercise

Day 4 (Pronouns) – Juz 4 exercise

Day 5 (Conjugations) – Juz 5 exercise

Friday and Saturday – Review through Juz 6 & 7

Is there a book?2022-06-21T18:10:17-05:00

There is no printed book.

We will provide a pdf which you can print or use on your laptop/tablet.

Is the course comprehensive?2022-01-31T13:41:11-05:00

No. Our comprehensive course goes through our semester system. You can find them under adult classes in the menu.

This is meant to be a brief introduction.

How much is the course?2022-03-16T13:45:51-05:00


Will there be vocabulary provided?2022-01-31T13:49:38-05:00

Yes. We will give a short list of the most commonly used words in the Quran.

What is your refund policy?2023-03-01T14:58:35-05:00

If you have shown to make an effort by either:

  1. Attending more than 3 live sessions and/or Q&A session AND
  2. Completed at least 3 assignments

And you are still not satisfied with the program, we will give you your money back within the first 2 weeks.


There is no refund after 2 weeks of the program. If you are given a refund, you will not be able to see any of the recordings throughout the year. 

What do the student have to know?2022-04-21T23:10:18-05:00

Just the Arabic letters and vowels. Proper tajwīd is not a requirement.

How much emphasis is on speech?2022-01-31T13:46:57-05:00

The emphasis is on reading, understanding, and translating. There will be some speaking components.

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