A couple years ago I decided to memorize the Quran but realized how much easier it would be to retain everything if I understood the grammar. So I went in search of Arabic teachers & thought acquiring the knowledge would be the difficult part, but it was finding a proper teacher with a well laid out structured plan, that had me struggling to achieve my goal. However, Arabic Daily changed all that for me. After my first semester I reviewed all our recorded lessons and was amazed to see how it all came together and having concepts well organized into charts made it easy to understand everything. For the first time I feel it’s possible to master Arabic grammar and not be overwhelmed. I’m excited to move forward & to complete all semesters with Ustadh Faraz who is the most patient and dedicated teacher I’ve ever known.

-Zeanab Mohamed

I’m currently taking Part 2 & having the opportunity to study Arabic from the convenience of home has been a blessing. I find everything about Arabic Daily & the course workbook to be very well-structured, unlike any other Arabic program I’ve attempted. We began looking at individual words, their states, conjugations, the rules & principles behind each topic explained in simplest forms. Being exposed to fundamentals & understanding concepts & then be able to apply it to any Arabic text you read is something powerful. To be able to read the Quran & look at each word or verse with more depth & understanding is a blessing. I’ve never felt so confident to move on to advanced topics for Ustadh Faraz provides us with all the necessary means to be successful.

-Zaida Mohamed

Arabic Daily is an excellent course to start your spiritual journey to get reconnected with The Quran. We are very fortunate to have Ustadh Faraz as our Arabic teacher. He is very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching the course. He is always available to answer questions and makes learning Arabic very enjoyable and easy. Saima Siddiqui, Cincinnati, Home maker & Mom. The emphasis on grammar helps students in the reading comprehension and writing of Arabic texts and enable us to differentiate the most precise/apt meaning of texts in Al Quran/Ahadith translation works by different scholars Syeikh Faraz is also knowledgeable and helps us to build up the ability to master the various Arabic grammatical concepts steadily/gradually.

-Roslaini, Malaysia

Learning to read Arabic text has been a journey over several years. I feel so blessed to now embark on understanding what I am reading. I really appreciate the systematic approach that the professor is using. I am working hard to follow his advice of not memorizing. I can’t wait for the day when I have that aha moment and it all falls into place!

-Enrica; Cincinnati, Teacher

The course helped me sorting out essential grammar that had never been taught this clear to me before. Ustadh Faraz’ has a very structured way of explaining. I recommend this class to everyone who wishes to get a deeper understanding of the Arabic language.

-Elisa, Bremen (Germany), University Student

This course has helped my understanding of Quran a lot Alhamdolillah. It was paced in a way to not overwhelmed the students but still challenge them to feel motivated and not to lose patience.

-Tabassum San Francisco. Software Engineer

Knowledgable and experienced instructor plus the calm pace of the course allows for plenty of personal review of the material. Abid Khwaja New York Software Developer

-Smart Contracts

This class was very beneficial. I can’t wait to finish off the remaining courses and be proficient in reading and writing Arabic.

-Enas Alrobiai, Huntsville Al., 8th grade student

Ustadh Faraz is an excellent teacher. His approach is very practical and easy to understand. He has made Arabic learning easy.

Wonderful program to learn Arabic and the skills necessary to understand Quran.

-Humaira Aslam, Cincinnati Home maker

Ustadh Faraz has given me a new appreciation and love for learning Arabic grammar. This is all due to his ability to synthesize complicated Arabic grammatical concepts in a clear and systematic way. In addition, the daily quizzes and homework only helped to increase my command of complex grammatical concepts. Thus, I am able to begin learning each new topic comfortable in the knowledge that I have sufficiently mastered the ones that have come before it.

-Iman, Harvard University

Assalamu alaikum Ustadh Faraz. Thank you for teaching us and for all your time and efforts! It’s one the best class I’ve ever taken. I really love the pace of the class and your way of teaching, it’s neither overwhelming nor too slow, but at the right pace. Although some of the concepts might seem intimidating at first, you break it down and teach us in a way we don’t feel overwhelmed and can easily understand it.

I find it really interesting when I read the Qur’an now, to find all the concepts that I’ve learned as I read through the Qur’an, rather than just passive reading.

And thank you for the wonderful workbook which makes our homework interesting to do and which solidifies our knowledge. I can’t imagine the work behind it.

And thank you for answering all our questions and for constantly pausing in between class and making sure we understand things.

And thank you for the support group and such quick help that I haven’t seen in other courses.
You are a great teacher mashaAllah! May Allah bless you.
Please forgive me for any shortcomings.

-Fatima Bushra, FCA 105

Ilma Qureshi, University of Virginia, Charlottesville. I found the classes extremely helpful. Ustadh Faraz is extremely well versed in Classical Arabic grammer and morphology and leads classes exceptionally well. The course textbook is very useful in translating the text and keeping notes. The classes are well planned and meet regularly. I find Ustadh Faraz’s approach of allowing multiple translations while staying close to the grammer very helpful for my academic studies.

-Ilma Qureshi, RCA 240

This course was beneficial and very flexible. The pace is well-set and the teachers are very kind. Overall, a wonderful experience.

-Ibraheem Ahmed, FCA 100

This course is the best Arabic course I have ever taken.

-Nuh Ovaice, FCA 100

I have taken Arabic in high school 30 years ago but never truly got hang of it. Now 30 years later I wanted to give it a try, I joined just to attend one class but Sheikh Faraz is so engaging, motivating and course is so interestingly put together that I am still here. I also plan to God Willing complete this Classical Arabic course to enjoy and understand classical text.

-Muhammad Munir, FCA 110

This is by far one of the best methods I have ever been exposed to. Very relevant and appropriate for the type of students we are.

-Anonymous, RCA 220

A brilliant slower paced course with an expert instructor – trust me, you’ll need the slower pace to give your brain time to soak concepts in. In faster paced course, I was always being forced to rush through and didn’t realize I wasn’t understanding all the concepts so wouldn’t ask as many questions.

-Abid Khwaja, FCA 110