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Ustadh Faraz is an exceptionally talented teacher. His understanding of the students’ psyche added with his ability to untangle the mysteries of the Arabic grammar makes him absolutely formidable. He’s also a fine human being.

-Arshad Madrassi, Delhi University

Faraz is one of the best Arabic instructors I’ve ever had. He completely unravelled the often intimidating elements of Arabic grammar into lucid lessons without ever overwhelming us. His care and concern for teaching were evident in the way he devised his own methods to organize and explain Arabic grammar when the textbook fell short. When I started his class, I had a weak foundation in Arabic grammar, but I’m now very confident about my knowledge thanks to him.

-Maryam, Harvard University

Ustadh Faraz has given me a new appreciation and love for learning Arabic grammar. This is all due to his ability to synthesize complicated Arabic grammatical concepts in a clear and systematic way. In addition, the daily quizzes and homework only helped to increase my command of complex grammatical concepts. Thus, I am able to begin learning each new topic comfortable in the knowledge that I have sufficiently mastered the ones that have come before it.

-Iman, Harvard University

I studied with Ustadh Faraz. He is one of the best teachers I have had in the Arabic. He has deep knowledge of the language and has great passion for teaching it. Ustadh Faraz can explain grammar concepts clearly because he understands the English-speaking Arabic students well. I highly recommend studying with him!

-Abu Nuh, Software Engineer

I found Ustadh Faraz to be kind yet rigorous. From the outset, his stated goal for us was mastery of the material, and it is wonderful when the teacher is aiming for this, and gives one the means to reach it. His years of teaching experience translates to very clear exposition and well-chosen questions that effectively test and consolidate understanding. He also employs extensive drilling of fundamental knowledge, which proves to be a strong means of establishing a very firm foundation. I very much enjoyed being his student and hope to study under him again in the future.

-Zaynab, Math Teacher

In just under three months, my previous grammar foundation, one full of holes and misunderstandings, was thoroughly rebuilt with clarity, strength and ease under the guidance of Ustadh Faraz. He has the unique ability to reach students of any age and any stage, with his structured and easy to follow teaching style. Ustadh Faraz also instills a certain confidence in his students. He is cautious not to overwhelm, but quick to encourage, and is always a patient guide, helping his students wade through the ocean that is the Arabic language.

-Dania, Zaytuna College

Ustadh Faraz is like the Khan Academy of Arabic grammar. He does a great job of breaking down examples on the whiteboard in order to illustrate grammatical concepts.

-Yusuf, Georgetown University

Faraz’s teaching style brought out both the fine technical points of Arabic grammar as well as an overarching framework for sorting through a large amount of information. I feel more practically equipped to read texts of my interest after his class.

-Allison, University of Chicago

Not only is the instructor very knowledgeable in Arabic syntax and grammar, but he’s able to explain it in a way that makes sense to non-Arabic speakers, myself included. I was able to come away with a basic grammatical understanding of Quranic Arabic in that I can now recognize variations in recitation and meaning….All of this and I was in the Part-Time course. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create a solid foundation in understanding Arabic grammar.

-Hassan Qureshi, Artist

I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that our teacher brought to my understanding of what it means to be a learner of the Quran. I admire Ustad Faraz’ dedication and patience!!

-Rabia Shaikh, Student

I appreciate that FCA 100-105 introduces grammatical structures – I am sure that this is a superior and more effective teaching method and am enjoying this approach.

-Ursula Donnellan, Student

Very organized and well paced courses along with strong instructor support and feedback.

-Shahnaz Mukarram, Elementary School Teacher

As a student who has studied three intensive semesters with Faraz, I can confidently say that his teaching style and system are excellent. I was taken from a level where I did not know any Arabic to a level where I could continue to read and understand classical texts by myself. I strongly recommend Faraz to anyone seeking knowledge in the Arabic language.

-Anfas, Sri Lanka

This was beneficial, terse and straight-forward. I highly encourage anyone interested in Arabic to take this course.

-Mousaab Bellaouar, Student

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