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Our goal is to produce independent and qualified Arabic learners

Who are we?

Top Quality

Faraz has taught Arabic in the United States and Jordan for over 5 years now. He has authored books and is officially certified by ACTFL.

Fluent English Speaking Teacher

One of the reasons students find learning Arabic difficult is because they are taught by someone who cannot convey the precise meaning through the English language. Ustadh Faraz was raised in the United States and grew up speaking English

4 reasons why students struggle with Arabic

Too Long

Many Arabic Programs are 3, 6, 9, 12 or even 15 months long! When was the last time you spent that long doing one thing? Arabic requires a lot of motivation, and studying for this long continuously is simply not reasonable.

Classes are NOT live

The vast majority of Arabic programs are pre-recorded lessons. If you are lucky some will offer weekly Q&A sessions. After teaching online for many years we noticed that live courses hold the students and teacher responsible for each other.

Not enough time with the teacher

Anybody can watch lectures, that’s what YouTube is for. A key ingredient for a student’s success is a teacher constantly tracking the progress of the students and answering their daily questions. We do provide recordings as an aid for those who want to re-watch the session or missed class due to an excused absence.

Old Technology

Online courses require state of the art technology. Time spent on video and audio quality, or teachers/students coming late is time wasted. Effective online learning needs minimum distractions.

Why Arabic Daily is successful

Self-Published Colored Workbook

Ustadh Faraz himself wrote the book. A workbook is an outlined book with charts and graphs in which a student can take notes. This way the student has one book they can refer to for all the exercises and notes. Many times a teacher teaching someone else’s book can result in many errors.

Coaching and teaching

Learning Arabic is similar to having a fitness coach. You need someone who has knowledge and can push you to the finish line. Everyday you will sit with Ustadh Faraz, go over the homework, ask questions, and then be taught a new subject. This daily interaction with Ustadh Faraz allows him to track your progress and push you to achieve your goals. You are not only gaining a teacher, but a coach as well.

Up to date technology

Our live courses are through Zoom, recorded videos are sent within an hour of class through Vimeo, constant email communication with Ustadh Faraz, and a tech team that makes sure there are no hiccups.

Learning directly with Ustadh Faraz

There are institutes that will charge thousands of dollars to learn Arabic and market it through a scholar of Arabic. But when you start their course, you spend most of your time with a TA, not the expert. At Arabic Daily there are no TAs. Your sessions, emails, and shipping is all done through Ustadh Faraz in order to maintain a high quality product.

The Zayd ibn Thabit Method

Zayd ibn Thabit was a companion of the Prophet who mastered Hebrew within 2 days. We believe that learning in intensive short bursts is more effective than studying a couple days a week. Language learning can be compared to a snowball effect. Each concept builds on the previous. If too much time passes between each concept then learning Arabic can become more difficult.


What do we offer?

Live courses.

Private zoom meetings with Ustadh Faraz.

Interactive homework assignements.

Recordings available for a year.

Sample Class Recordings

Introduction – Parts of Speech

Signs of an Ism

Sisters of Kana

Sister of Kana exercise


Are you ready to learn Arabic?


We teach Arabic grammar. Whether you want to learn Classical Arabic (Quran, Hadith, Islamic texts) or Modern Standard Arabic (Speaking to Arabs, Reading Novels, Writing, Listening to Al-Jazeera, etc.), learning the fundamentals of Arabic is your first step.

Our classes are live through Zoom. After class has ended, we post the recording online for viewers to see. Each student will have access to the recordings for one year.

Yes. After each topic we give you either Quranic verses or hadith exercises to test out the new topic you’ve learned.

Why Quran and hadith?

  • It is voweled (most Arabic texts are not voweled)
  • If one can break down Quran and hadith, then everything else becomes easier
  • There are many translations available

We offer 4 courses:

  • Letters
  • Part One – Morphology
  • Part Two – Syntax
  • Part Three – Advanced Arabic

Yes, once you purchase the course we will send you the workbook in the mail. We ship everything through priority mail. Prices may be higher than usual due to Covid-19. We appreciate your patience.

We offer courses every 2 months.

Each course costs $150, including shipping for U.S. and Canada.

  • Someone who wants to understand the Quran and hadith
  • Someone who has studied Arabic but wants a better grammatical understanding
  • PhD students seeking to access classical texts
  • University students looking for a supplementary resource
  • Curious explorers

You will learn the basic fundamental building blocks of Arabic. Some call this grammar. Some topics included are

  • Three Parts of Speech (Nouns, Verbs, and Prepositions)
  • Conjugations of verbs
  • How to use an Arabic-to-English dictionary
  • Types of sentences
  • Correcting misconceptions

Yes, but the student has to pay shipping costs. We also recommend paying in advanced to allow time for the books to arrive. Due to the Covid-19 situation shipping may take longer.

You have two options:

  1. Attend the next month
  2. Sign up and watch the recordings

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