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Learn How to Access Classical Arabic Texts

Enrollment is Closed | See you next year!

Reopens after Ramadan 1445/2024

Learning Arabic doesn’t have to be difficult.

We have listened to thousands of students and there is a theme:

The Arabic Frustration Cycle

Your Instructor : Faraz Malik

Growing up I didn’t start speaking until I was 5 years old.

My family was concerned and took me to multiple speech therapists. As a result, I grew up struggling to speak English, my first language. No one ever thought I would be able to speak and understand multiple languages, let alone English.

How did someone like me reach fluency in Arabic?

I realized that my approach in understanding languages was all wrong. I couldn’t just pick up the language by listening and practicing it. I needed a clear and concise methodology. I needed to go at a reasonable pace. And I needed to maintain my level of motivation.

Now I want to share that journey with you.

My goal is to help remove the stigma from Arabic being an intimidating and difficult language.

If I could do it, so can you!


  • You have familiarity with the Arabic Letters

  • You have tried other programs but you felt the pace was always too fast.

  • You know SOME Arabic and would like to increase your knowledge and mastery of the language

  • You want to direct access to Classical Texts such as: Quran, Hadith, Poetry, Literature, Philosophy, etc.

  • You need a consistent accountable program that motivates you even when you don’t want to keep studying.


  • Have to Know Tajweed – this course is focused on understanding what the Quran is saying

  • Have to Know Arabic Vocabulary – these are skills you can learn without vocabulary knowledge

  • Have to leave your Job/School – many of our students have full-time jobs or are full-time students

  • Have to be Young – We have had students as old as 77 years old

  • Need to Worry – Our job is to make Arabic easy and accessible :)


Arabic Daily has divided Classical Arabic learning into 6 levels. Each level is the equivalent to a semester. Classes run twice a week for about an hour allowing busy individuals to learn without disrupting their schedules.

The first three levels fall under our Fundamentals Track. The goal of this track is to build the framework of Arabic. We teach you all the tools you need to navigate through Arabic.

The last three levels fall under our Reading Track. The goal of this track is to build vocabulary and reading practice by practically using these tools.

There is a combination of live zoom lessons, open live Q&As, recordings available, and exercises to help you achieve the goal you have been wanting for so long.

Fundamentals Track (FCA) Reading Track (RCA)

Level 1

FCA 100

Basic Morphology – Three Parts of Speech

Level 4

RCA 220

Translation & Review

Level 2

FCA 105

Advanced Morphology – Inflection & 10 Forms

Level 5

RCA 240

Translation & Advanced Grammar

Level 3

FCA 110

Syntax – Sentences

Level 6

RCA 260

Translation & Research

What You Can Expect

Core Live Sessions with a certified instructor

Get personal access to your teachers to ensure you learn properly. Each live session has materials covered and time for Q&A.

Available Recordings

You will have access to all of our recordings for an entire year. Don’t worry if you missed a class because of your busy work schedule, the recording will be waiting for you in our LMS system. Forgot some of the material? Watch the recording in our LMS system.

Access to Private Telegram Chat Group

Have a question throughout the week? Want to discuss a topic with a student from the class? Have access to students and Ustadh Faraz in a private Telegram Group to have any questions answered throughout the week.

Review Feedback

Assignments are reviewed in class. There are self-paced quizzes and reviews that will test to see how well you know the material.

The Course Curriculum

This is exactly what we’ll be covering every week of the course, broken down week-by-week for Level 1A (FCA 100)

– Be able to identify nouns in voweled texts 

– Understand terminology 

– Know the difference between indefinite and definite words 

– Able to properly translate إضافة

– Understand the different usages of prepositions 

– Understand the term مجرور

– Know the difference tenses (and how it differs from English) 

– Understand the trilateral root system

– Know قَدْ and the different meanings it has

– Understand how to get the future meaning in Arabic

– Know the difference between attached and detached pronouns 

– Introduced to the concept of fixed nouns مبني

– Know the different numbers, perspectives, and literal/metaphorical genders

Learn how pronouns attach to nouns and prepositions alongside pronunciation rules

– Learn how to conjugates past and present verbs 

– Understand how to properly pronounce verbs

Understand that present tense verbs take prefixes

Be able to different between an alif and hamza. This is a lot harder than you think!

Be able to form a command tense from a present tense verb

These last two weeks are used as a buffer. Oftentimes classes will slow down, or we may need more review. In my experience, having these two weeks to wind down the class is essential for success.

You definitely aren’t expected to be able to attend every single live session, and every session is recorded.

Student Journey

The entire journey for a students takes two years. At the end of two years, students will be able to read and translate Classical Arabic texts. We understand that two years can be intimidating and a long commitment. This is why you will have to option to stop after the FCA Series.

The FCA Series will end at the beginning of Ramadan 2024. At this point you will be automatically be enrolled in our Ramadan Crash Course. You will then have the option to enroll in our RCA series.













FCA Series


FCA 100

Basic Morphology

FCA 105

Advanced Morphology

FCA 110


RCA Series


RCA 220

Intro to Translation

RCA 240

Intermediate Translation

RCA 260

Advanced Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will completing the course help me skip the Arab requirement in a seminary?2023-04-11T14:34:19-05:00

Completing the two years will help you pass or skip the Arabic year in most seminaries.

What if I can’t attend live?2023-04-11T14:31:02-05:00

Some of our students have a desire to join our classes but can’t attend live due to time zone issues, work, or family. We accept these students. However, the student needs to keep up with the recordings and turn in the assignments on time.

You will get access to our telegram group where you can ask questions.

Do you offer scholarships?2023-04-11T14:20:04-05:00

We do not offer any discounts or scholarships. We understand that may not be suitable for everyone, but a lot of time and effort goes into the 30 students.

How long will it take to complete the program?2023-05-15T15:00:29-05:00

The entire program is 6 levels which is equivalent to 2 years.

The first year (May 7 – Ramadan 2024), we will complete the FCA series which focuses on building the fundamentals.

The second year (Ramadan 2024-Ramadn 2025) we will complete the RCA series in which we will get practice reading and translating.

A student may stop after completing the FCA series.

There are three payment options:

  1. $750 per level | Total of $2,250 for all levels
  2. $250/month for 3 months per level (Total of 9 payments of $250)
  3. $2,000 for the entire program and save $250


What is your refund policy?2023-04-11T14:24:40-05:00

There is no refund. Students must go in with the intention of completing the program. If the intention to complete is not fully established then the likelihood of completing the program decreases.

If you choose a payment plan, the payment plan must be completed. It is not a subscription, but rather installments to complete the full payment.

Are books included in the purchase? Do you offer PDF’s?2023-04-11T14:25:17-05:00

Yes, books are included with the purchase. We have written and published our own books. We will ship it directly to your homes.

Free shipping in the United States. Those outside the United States must pay for shipping.

Due to copyright issues we will not send any PDF’s. No exceptions. In addition, it is better for a student to be able to take their own notes and learn how to increase the writing speed as the course progresses.

Will I become fluent?2023-03-29T17:48:54-05:00

Arabic Daily focuses on a student’s ability to read and translate. By the end of the courses a student will have read over 500 pages of Classical works and be able to translate fluently. A student will be able to translate other classical works, the Quran, hadith and have some research experience.

We don’t focus on speaking or listening.

Are there assignments?2023-04-11T14:26:59-05:00

Yes. One can expect 1 hour of work per class. Assignments will be turned in. If you are a student who is keeping up through recordings, assignments must still be turned in on time.

Assignments are graded for completing. The answers will be reviewed in class. At the end of each semester, there will be a take home review.

How often are the courses? What time is the class?2023-05-09T23:12:18-05:00

Enrollemtn for this course has closed. It will reopen after Ramadan 1445/2024.

If you are interested, you can join our waitlist for next year.

What do the students have to know?2023-04-11T14:32:22-05:00

Just the Arabic letters and vowels. Proper tajwīd is not a requirement. However, it is recommended that a student has a little bit of experience with the language.

How much is the course?2023-04-11T14:28:29-05:00

There are three payment options:

  1. $750 per level | Total of $2,250 for all levels
  2. $250/month for 3 months per level
  3. $2,000 for the entire program and save $250
Do you provide recordings?2023-04-11T14:29:24-05:00

Yes. All of our classes are live. The expectation of the student is to attend all the classes. However, if for some reason the student is unable to make it, they will have access to recordings.

Many students want to attend but their schedule doesn’t allow them to attend live. We will accept those students as well, however, it not a self-paced course. You must keep up with the recordings and turn in assignments on time.

Is there a placement test?2023-04-11T14:29:28-05:00

Generally, no. As long as the student knows the letters and vowels that will be enough to take the class.

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