🚀 Looking for more than just an Arabic curriculum?

What does providing a good Arabic education look like?

Some schools…need to find a good curriculum, but are overwhelmed by the options.

Several schools…have motivated staff but they need training on how to implement lessons and techniques.

Others schools…are looking for a program that will customize an approach for your students because every school is so different.

A few schools…are looking for an innovative approach in blending online platforms and techniques with traditional methods of teaching Arabic.

Many schools…are struggling teaching students who come from an Arab background and others who are learning the alphabet for the first time.

Arabic Daily can help solve all of these issues with our accredited Classical Arabic program

Arabic Daily is accredited by Cognia Advanced Education and WASC.



When your school joins Arabic Daily, you’ll get shipped our workbooks for all of your students. These workbooks contain everything you need: space to write notes, exercises, and a simple curriculum.

Learning Management System Integration

Success in Arabic means providing recordings for students to review over. Over 80% of our students used recordings to revise the material. We provide those recordings to you by creating zoom classes and uploading them into our system for your students to use. Yes, you can record the lesson while teaching in class! We will teach your staff how to do so.

Teacher Training

Ustadh Faraz will provide weekly training to teachers to help guide them. Every school is different and needs to try different methods. Ustadh Faraz will teach you different techniques. Once a teacher completes these training they will be certified by Arabic Daily.

Online Material and Quizzes

Engaging High Schoolers can be a difficult task. We have incorporated fun games and quizzes such as Kahoot to increase their love for Arabic. This is also essential for teachers to assess the students’ abilities.

This was beneficial, terse and straight-forward. I highly encourage anyone interested in Arabic to take this course.

Mousaab Bellaouar - Richardson, TX, Masters in History Student

Very organized and well paced courses along with strong instructor support and feedback.

Shahnaz Mukarram, Elementary School Teacher

🧠Arabic Daily’s Pedagogy

Arabic Daily has divided Classical Arabic learning into 6 levels. Each level is the equivalent to a semester. A student can finish the program as quick as two years and on average three years.

The first three levels fall under our Fundamentals Track. The goal of this track is to build the framework of Arabic.

The last three levels fall under our Reading Track. The goal of this track is to build vocabulary and reading practice.